About Our Corporate History

Gazelle's Group of Companies Inc.  was started in 1985. The head office is located in Breton, Alberta, with an office and a manufacturing facility in Billings, Montana.

It was started by Brian Impey who has extensive experience in the Oil and Gas Field.

Gazelle's Oilfield Service started by operating oil and gas wells in Central Alberta.

The Gazelle's Group of Companies has three separate companies, each with its own employees and unique products.

They include Gazelle Oilfield Services PLUS 2 others:
Insulation Snakes Ltd.
Insulation Snakes® manufactures and is a wholesale distributor of an extensive line of Removable, Re-Usable and Weatherproof insulation products.

The manufacturing takes place in Breton Alberta, and in Casper Wyoming. 

The Insulation Snakes product line includes:
  • Long and wide products with or without straps (known as "Snakes")
  • Specialized products for unique applications such as wellheads, plunger lifts and others.
  • Tank covers, (including propane, large and small chemical tanks)
  • Straps
  • Insulation designed for Pipe and Hoses.
  • Insulation designed for heat tracing
  • Insulation hoods designed for things that "stick out".
  • Wind blades which substitute for windsocks
  • Hardware products including:
    • Patented hot glycol heat tracing system (Sweet Heat Systems)
    • Economical wind direction indicators (PDP Windblades)

Insulation Snakes® are manufactured and distributed in both Canada and the United States.

About Gazelle's Oilfield Services

Gazelle's Oilfield Service was founded in 1985, and was incorporated in 1988. The company is now referred to as Gazelle's Group of Companies Inc.  . The head office is located in Breton, Alberta. It also has an office and a manufacturing facility in Billings, Montana.

It was founded by Brian Impey who has extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry. The company began with 1 ton gin-pole service trucks, and then began operating many of those wells they serviced.

As the company grew, more and more services were added. It became apparent that a service company needed to be created, and along with the service company, a need for equipment was evident. At the same time, Gazelle's Oilfield Service slowly acquired more experience and more equipment and diversity.

Some Of The Services We Offer Today include:

Canline Pipeline Solutions Ltd.

Their extensive experience and complete pipeline remediation solutions include:
  • Installing Freestanding Pipeline Liners
  • International work
Offers vary from a full Turnkey solution to parts which could include:
  • Consulting
  • Line Locating
  • Digging Bell Holes
  • Trenching Pipe
  • Material Supply
  • Pipe transportation to site(s)
  • Liner Pulling
  • Completion of projects including tie-ins at both the wellheads and plants.
They install products such as:
  • FlexPipe Products,
  • FlexSteel Products,
  • Thermoflex products
  • HDPE pipe
  • Stainless Steel tubing
  • Others
They do work for:
  • Oil Companies,
  • Gas Companies
  • Industrial plants
  • Municipalities
  • Mining
  • OffShore
       Gazelle Group of Companies Inc.




Canline Pipeline Solutions Ltd.